45 hour Candle & Reed Diffuser Pack

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Large Candle & Reed Diffuser Hamper

Candle Approx: 45 hour burn time.

Reed Diffuser : 3 -4 Months ( Approx. This depends on closed doors, open doors, dehumidifiers, air conditioning, etc.)

My Soy Candles are made using sustainably sourced soy wax, and scented with a high quality long lasting fragrance, the fragrance will linger even when the candle is not lit.

The Reed diffuser is a great option for childrens rooms, nursing homes, classrooms, offices or any area that you want to remain flame free, but enjoy the aromatic scent of a candle.

This hamper is a great option for a high quality, affordable gift, for anyone in your life, and comes with either a white or black candle jar, while the Reed Diffuser comes in a high quality glass bottle, with a white finishing cap & 5 reeds.

I have spent over 2 years perfecting the wax to scent ratio to ensure a high scent throw from start to finish.

Candles are made to order to ensure freshness, and it is approx 24-48 hour turnaround time.

Scents : -

"Dainty Darling” - A stunning feminine aroma with floral peony at its heart. Fruity hints set of sensual musk & sandalwood to form a beautiful blend.

“Blooming Rose” - A tribute to the rose highlighted by rose petals and geranium with lemon, clove & lily of the valley.

“Fantasia” - decadent fusion of lychee, white chocolate & musk with touches kiwi, orchid & sandalwood.

“Peace” - Wander through the chapel and take in the heady aroma of frankincense, myrrh & cedar in this spiritual & uplifting scent.

“All Hallows Eve” - A creamy, spicy, warming blend of nutmeg & ginger, pumpkin & caramel and sweet buttermilk base."

"Strawberry & Raspberry" - A classic childhood combo of strawberry, raspberry and vanilla.

"Queen Hera" - A vibrant, fruity and floral combination of white lily and persimmon complimented by grapefruit, cassis and musk.

"Devotion" - Soothing with a floral burst, a complex blend that entwines geranium and sandalwood with complimentary rose, amber and lime.

"Captain Grey" - A sophisticated masculine fusion of zesty bergamot, sage, amber and cedarwood.

"Tropical Vixen" - You'll be smitten with this fruity floral offering, a balanced blend of passionfruit and violet with cassis, vanilla bean and musk.

"Zeus" - Fresh, masculine & bold, an intense blend of smooth sandalwood & vetiver coupled with oak and citrus top notes.

"Lady Million Type* "- Dazzling and seductive, a desirable composition of floral and fresh notes that features bitter orange, neroli and jasmine.

"Pineapple and Peach" - A fruit filled blend highlighting ripe peaches and juicy pineapple and hints of floral jasmine and sweet honey.

"Enchantment" - Floral & fresh best describes this heady aroma, combining calming lavender & ylang ylang with citrus top notes and a spicy vanilla base.

"Rose Jam Type*" - A floral and sweet sensation featuring classic red rose with a twist of lemon peel and white musk.

“Banjo” - A Masculine Scent. Ocean spray blending with geranium, sandalwood & oakmoss.

“Flora” - Citrus top notes & a heart of geranium and jasmine softened by sandalwood, musk & vanilla.

"Coconut Twist - Lighten up your day with a coconut twist & a medley of tonka bean, rosewood & honey.

"Mr Big" - A masculine marvel of zesty citrus blended with soft florals & finished with bold amber, oakmoss & sandalwood.