Room Diffuser with Lotus Flower

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Room Diffuser with Lotus Flower

Approx: 100 mls


A room diffuser with a difference, a beautiful handmade Lotus flower with cotton wick that soaks up the scent and gently diffuses into the air. 


The diffusers are safe to use in every room of the house, as there is no flame.


How to use: Uncork the diffuser bottle, carefully pour the fragrance into the bottle, taking care not to spill. Once you have the perfect position, un-box your flower (gently as they are delicate) and place the cotton wick all the way into the fragrance. Make sure the glass bottle is out of reach of children and pets, on a level surface. If any liquid does spill, clean quickly to avoid damaging surfaces.


Each diffuser comes with 1 glass bottle, 1 lotus flower in an Acetate Box and 1 bottle of fragrance.